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There are 12 PowerPack sets in You Just Wait: A Poetry Friday Power Book. Here are some excerpts. We think the best way to enjoy our book is to have your own copy to doodle and scribble in, but we know that it’s not possible for everyone to have a copy—at least maybe not right now. So until you can convince your school, your friends, your principal, your family, and your personal Book Angels to give you a copy, here are some of our favorite PowerPlay prewriting activities, Outside Poems, Response Poems, Mentor Texts, and Power2You writing prompts. Print and enjoy!

From PowerPack 5

Get creative with this PowerPlay activity from PowerPack 5: “Put Your Heads Together”! Create comic or graphic novel panels showing what two friends might be saying to each other at the movies—while everyone is thinking (or saying) SHUSH!

Here’s the Outside Poem from PowerPack 5: “Dracula” by Carmen T. Bernier-Grand, originally published in The Poetry Friday Anthology for Middle Schoolalong with Janet Wong’s Response Poem “Paz: A Little Scare Will Clear the Air.”

Here’s the Mentor Text poem and Power2You writing prompt from PowerPack 5. In “Lucesita: Hey, Dracula,” Lucesita tells Dracula NOT to bite. Write a “poem of address” to tell us what YOU would say to a character in a movie, TV show, or game!

PowerPack 7: Poetry Fanfiction in 5 Easy Steps

Bonus Poems to Extend the Story