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GREAT MORNING! Poems for school leaders to read Aloud

Morning announcement poems for principals on school safety, mindfulness, recess, leadership

What People Are Saying

"As is the case with tall of the Pomelo Books offerings, the concept of this anthology is brilliant in its simplicity and effectiveness."  —Michelle Heidenrich Barnes, poet and prominent blogger

"I wish I could put a copy on the desk of every administrator"  —Paul Hankins, high school language arts teacher 

GREAT Morning! Poems for School Leaders to Read Aloud

GREAT MORNING! Poems for School Leaders to Read Aloud is an anthology of 75 poems by 50+ poets—with intros and intriguing facts for each week of the school year. 

Topics include:

School Forms  ✼  Safety  ✼  Inclusion  ✼  Picture Day  ✼  Health +  Wellness  ✼  Community  ✼  Leadership  ✼  Diversity  ✼   Transportation  ✼  Volunteers  ✼  Compassion  ✼  A Fresh Start  ✼   Birthdays  ✼  Recess  ✼  Teachers  ✼  Reading  ✼  Art  ✼  Music  ✼   Technology  ✼  Science  ✼  Willpower  ✼  JustJoking  ✼  Literacy  Everywhere  ✼  Clean Up  ✼  Mindfulness  ✼  Surprise!  ✼  Reaching  Out  ✼  Fun + Games

The 50+ poets who contributed poems to this book are:

Alma Flor Ada, Brod Bagert, Michelle Heidenrich Barnes, Robyn Hood  Black, Susan Blackaby, Merry Bradshaw, Lydia Breiseth, Joseph Bruchac,  Kate Coombs, Cynthia Cotten, Kristy Dempsey, Margarita Engle, Janet  Clare Fagal, Catherine Flynn, Xelena González, Lorie Ann Grover, Mary  Lee Hahn, Avis Harley, Jane Heitman Healy, Sara Holbrook, Ann Ingalls,  Julie Larios, Renée M. LaTulippe, B.J. Lee, Suzy Levinson, Elaine  Magliaro, Kenn Nesbitt, Eric Ode, Linda Sue Park, Ann Whitford Paul,  Greg Pincus, Jack Prelutsky, Bob Raczka, Heidi Bee Roemer, Caroline  Starr Rose, Laura Purdie Salas, Michael Salinger, Darren Sardelli, Liz  Garton Scanlon, Michelle Schaub, Laura Shovan, Buffy Silverman, Eileen  Spinelli, Traci Sorell, Elizabeth Steinglass, Holly Thompson, Linda Kulp  Trout, Amy Ludwig VanDerwater, Carol Varsalona, April Halprin Wayland,  Carole Boston Weatherford, Kay Winters, Allan Wolf, Virginia Euwer  Wolff, Janet Wong, and Jane Yolen.

See a Letter for Parents for schools to send home to families.

178 pages; 7"x10"; $29.99

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An award winning classic in Asian American literature on diversity +  identity (Chinese and Korean)

What People Are Saying

"With its new content, this poetry collection now offers layers of  meaning both literary and practical, making it a strong resource for  teachers of creative writing, school libraries, and anyone interested in  exploring identity and belonging."  —Kirkus

A Suitcase of Seaweed & MORE

A Suitcase of Seaweed by Janet Wong was originally published in 1996 by  Margaret K. McElderry Books, an imprint of Simon and Schuster, as  thirty-six poems plus three prose pieces. It received many accolades and  was named an NYPL Book for the Teen Age and also an NCSS Notable Trade  Book in the Field of Social Studies.

While the entire text of the original book is presented here in A Suitcase of Seaweed & MORE,  more than half of this book is brand new. You’ll find snippets of story  about the inspiration behind the poems, extensions of the themes, and  general musings, as well as writing prompts to get young readers  thinking, talking, and also writing about their own identities. Wong’s  “Advice for Writers” will inspire them to write their own books, too!

99 pages;  6" x 9";  $11.99

Publisher: YUZU, an imprint of Pomelo Books

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See an excerpt from this book.



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